News - January 2017

Welcome to the 2017. Our website has been updated and now contains the entry links to the first nin
e events of the season, plus information on training and skills sessions. There are also to Early Birds events being promoted.
There is alo the addition of some E/1/2 events in to the programme and the welcome return of the Womens only races incorpotating the #Jaffacakeleague (which last time we looked was a goolgewhack, well almost) and hope to see everyone getting involeved next season. Don't forget to #Jaffacakeleague on our twitter page.
On final things the BC regulations have changed which remove the laps out rule in all races. you can view all rule changes or check out all the updated BC documents for your disipline.




Jaffacakeleague 2016

Round 5 Aug 9
Alice Sharpe*
Emily Meakin
Round 4 July 12
Kim Baptista*
Louise Burnie
Round 3 June 14
Kim Baptista
Savannah Morgan
Round 2 May 31
Alice Sharpe
Anouska Edwards
Round 1 April 12
Anouska Edwards
Charlotte Alston

The Jaffa cake League started in 2014 when two jaffa cakes were offered to the winner of the half distance sprint in the Womens only race and three to the winner overall. In 2015 the officials then offered a prize of a full box to the winners with one simple rule, you couldn't win both. 2016 then saw official sponsorship from McVites and for that we thnak them greatly. Last time we checked #jaffacakeleague was a Googlewack (only producing one search result) We look forward to the 2017 season and would like to think everyone for taking part, organising and above all sponsoring these events at Tameside. See you in 2017.
* Won both half distance and overall prize, the second box of Jaffas then goes to 2nd overall.


Round 5 winner Emily Meakin claims her prize, Alice Sharpe who won both the other packet did not collect her prize! By they way Alice they were DELICIOUS !!!
 photo 001_zpsdxlslcih.jpg
 photo 001_zpsdxlslcih.jpg
 photo 001_zpsdxlslcih.jpg

Take a lap of Tameside

Opened for racing on June 16 2010 we've now been teachig kids {and big kids} to ride and have fun since then. We've also been providing a safe and traffic free space for cyclists to train and running a sucessfull league of racing. We also provide a range of cycles for riders who may struggle with a conventional bike so they can have fun and keep fit too.

Tameside Cycle Development is based in Ashton Under Lyne (8 miles from Manchester) and just off the M67 Motorway. We are partly funded by Tameside Council and all our events take place under British Cycling rules. For the 2104 season we are promoting a series of "Women Only" races.